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Jordy explains his role as a Quality Release Officer

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Jordy explains his role as a Quality Release Officer

Please describe your job and your main responsibilities.

I work as a Country Quality Release Officer for an international pharmaceutical company. This means that I’m responsible for the release of medicinal products and medical devices onto the Belgian market. Therefore all documentation and samples of these products must be checked in order to ensure that they are safe and compliant for the customers. Even though this is the main part of my job, there are always other tasks that need to be fulfilled on the side. This can vary from giving the approval for new artworks, handling questions related to quality from customers, to performing reviews from batch records. Since a lot of these products are absolutely necessary for the health of our customers, we work with strict timelines to release them.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

I must say that it is sometimes a challenge to manage the work in order to ensure timely release of the products as well as perform the other tasks on the side. However I feel very necessary in this company and it feels rewarding to be able to help all these patients.

What do you like most about being a Science Talents Consultant?

What I like most about working as a consultant is that you come into contact with jobs where you would otherwise never have thought about even soliciting for. You get the opportunity to work in so many great companies and meet different people with different backgrounds which is of irreplaceable value when you are a recent graduate.

What's on your bucketlist?

An activity that is still on my bucketlist, is to spend a couple of weeks travelling through Iceland and spot the Northern Lights.

You always can wake me up for this ...

You can always wake me up for a spirited drive in some fun cars or taking a roadtrip, because for me this is the perfect way to clear my head and just enjoy the moment.

Which element of the Periodic Table of Elements are you and why?

Of the Periodic Table of Elements, I see myself as Helium, because you can have a lot of fun with it (i.e. balloons and squeaky voices) and who doesn’t like to have fun and be a bit silly from time to time!

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Hi, I’m Astrid and I’m 23 years old. I grew up in the West of Flandres and recently moved to Mechelen, always in the mood for good food and meeting new people. In my spare time you can find me outside walking or rollerblading, spending time in nature and being with family and friends.

"The positive experience I had during my onboarding process made me very eager to start working as a consultant for Science Talents"

I worked on an interim basis at my previous employer, however, as time went on, the security of a permanent contract was something I was longing for. I started looking for a new challenge and it did not take long before I got into contact with Peggy, Recruitment Consultant at Science Talents.

The fact that there is still plenty of room for growth at Science Talents and that we can be an active part of that, makes this a really great job.

I am Peggy, Recruitment Consultants at Science Talents. I have travelled a rather atypical course as I am a physiotherapist / psychomotor therapist by training. For the first 15 years of my career, I worked as a therapist in a psychiatric hospital, combined with my own practice where I taught aerobics, gave nutritional advice, aqua gym and psychomotricity. Then it was time for something else and I ended up in this world.

Let's meet Tineke

I am Tineke Verleye and I am 25 years old. My home residence is located in Dilbeek, the town I grew up in. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic and social person who enjoys being surrounded by family and friends. I'm a very energetic person and always in the mood for spontaneous plans or adventurous trips, it's something that makes me very happy!

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