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Are you a talented science professional and looking for a new career challenge? Get in touch!
We have a wide range of job openings that are just right for you.
Our specialization means we’ve been the leading reference in many sectors for years.


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Are you looking for a variety of projects and clients with the security of a fixed contract? We have jobs for both freelancers and project consultants. We help you find the perfect assignment that fits your ambition, skills and experience. We offer you a permanent contract together with the possibility to work on different challenging projects.


For some specific profiles we offer the service line of recruitment and selection. Some of our clients are looking for a niche profile and offer permanent contracts. With Science Talents as their partner, we perform a thorough selection process of all candidates. If you are selected by the career managers, we'll introduce you to our client and enable you to embark on your new career - one that offers security and prospects. 


Science Talents has a thorough selection process. It’s what our clients expect. But it’s also how we focus on your wishes, so that we can identify the perfect match and push your career in the right direction.

1. In-depth interview

An in-depth interview gives us insight into your skills, wishes, and expectations. We find out what your ambitions are and select the perfect job for you.

2. Introduction and presentation

If we have a suitable job opening, we’ll thoroughly brief you on the position and our client’s corporate culture. Once you’re invited to interview, we’ll make sure you’re well prepared. We’re here to support you.

3. You start working

If everything goes according to plan, you start working for our client after you’ve been on-boarded in Science Talents’ story. We’ll introduce you to the values of our organization and connect you with our team of professionals. Welcome to the Science Talents team!


Life Sciences

For years now, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology has been one of the largest sectors in Belgium in terms of the number of people it employs and its economic impact. And we know all the ins and outs of the sector. For years, we’ve been helping leading companies in this industry to find the right talented professionals with the right expertise in areas such as clinical research, process validation, regulatory affairs, market access, medical affairs, quality assurance & control, validation, and many other branches.

Chemical Industry

Our talented professionals are right at home in the chemical industry throughout Belgium. So much so that Science Talents is synonymous with chemistry.

Food Industry

Each and every day, many of our talented professionals play a part in improving the food we eat. As the food industry is one of our three strategic pillars, companies in the industry come to Science Talents for R&D-driven jobs, quality control, and quality assurance.


In 2021, as many as 57 Talented Science Professionals were permanently placed at a wide range of clients.


We have no fewer than 100 consultants who know the ins and outs of the science sector and are dedicated to our clients.


We currently have 127 job openings for talented candidates who are looking for a new career challenge.

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