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Science Talents through the eyes of consultant Nabila

— Think like a proton

Science Talents through the eyes of consultant Nabila

Searching for a job can sometimes be difficult, especially during a pandemic, but Science Talents made it easier for me. After I obtained my Master’s degree in the Pharmaceutical Sciences I started my career as a Life Science Consultant.

The support and guidance throughout a project is incredible.

I chose for Science Talents because I knew they would give me the opportunity to develop my scientific knowledge, gain experience and expand my professional network as much as possible. I already gained my first experience as a RA officer in a reputable company, where I had the chance to e-meet many people from all around the world. I will soon start a new project. I am really looking forward to it and hope to work on even more challenging and interesting projects! I don’t regret joining Science Talents, because it is a great opportunity to start your career, and their support and guidance throughout a project is incredible.


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Let's meet Tineke

I am Tineke Verleye and I am 25 years old. My home residence is located in Dilbeek, the town I grew up in. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic and social person who enjoys being surrounded by family and friends. I'm a very energetic person and always in the mood for spontaneous plans or adventurous trips, it's something that makes me very happy!

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