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Science Talents is a guarantee for those looking for science professionals. Day after day, we keep our finger on the pulse, recruit talented professionals, and supply employees who offer the right sort of added value for your company and team.

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Recruitment & Selection

Have a permanent job for a talented professional? Our Recruitment & Selection team will find the perfect candidate who can make the difference for you. You can count on our network and thorough selection process.


Working with a freelancer or interim manager on a temporary or permanent project? We offer you the perfect candidate with solid qualities and skills, who can immediately make a difference for you.


We have no fewer than 100 consultants who know the ins and outs of the science sector and are dedicated to our clients.


We have an impressive 15000 talented professionals in our network and talent pool.


Life Sciences

We’re right at home in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector. For years, we’ve been helping the largest and most prominent players in life sciences to find the right talented professionals in areas such as clinical research, process validation, regulatory affairs, market, medical affairs validation, and many other branches.

Chemical Industry

Our talented professionals are right at home in the chemical industry throughout Belgium. So much so that Science Talents is synonymous with chemistry. Our talented professionals often work in the huge range of laboratories in this sector. Quality assurance and R&D tasks are also regularly part of their job.

Food Industry

The food industry is one of our three strategic pillars. Each and every day, many of our talented professionals play a part in improving the food we eat.



Whether you have a new vacancy, a new project, or want to know more about our services: find out now how our team can make a difference!

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