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To Freelance Or Not To Freelance

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To Freelance Or Not To Freelance

Many highly educated profiles from the pharmaceutical sector reach a tipping point in their careers after a number of years of experience. Are there still enough opportunities for growth? Are they going for that new job? Or is this the right moment to start as a freelancer?

The demand for freelancers and project-based expertise has increased enormously over the past few years. Scientific profiles for higher research or corporate positions are therefore in great demand.

From a certain salary onwards, an independent status is more interesting from a tax point of view. But not everyone wants to look for assignments themselves. These profiles mainly want to work on the content of their profession.For them, the Career Managers of Science Talents are the ideal partner. They show them the ropes of the freelance landscape, suggest interesting projects and facilitate everything that comes with it. This way they guarantee a smooth start and a successful freelance career.

Partner with interesting companies

Science Talents is often the first to know about new freelance assignments.Top companies in the pharmaceutical industry rely on them to fill their vacancies and projects. Thanks to their experience and long-standing relationships, the Career Managers have a good feel for their needs and quickly understand what profile their client is looking for.

In addition, they are in daily contact with a diverse group of freelancers. They know their specialisation and experience, and because of previous collaborations they can estimate which freelancer will fit the project and the company well. This way they bring the right candidate to the right company, a true win-win.

Service and peace of mind

The complete service of Science Talents is designed to unburden 'its freelancers', to give them security and peace of mind. Not just at the start, but throughout their entire freelance career.

Negotiating with large companies is often a complex and intensive process. Even if you have a well-developed network and a much sought-after expertise, as an individual you are still up against a corporate organisation with strict rules and processes.

Science Talents is often the first to know about new freelance assignments.

Often, these parties do not enter into contracts with individual freelancers, and ask an intermediary to arrange the contractual modalities. But the Career Managers do so much more than that. As a real partner they stand next to the freelancer. They help negotiate the contract, so that the freelancer can start work on the right terms. They know the market and know what he or she can do for the company.

Science Talents also guarantees a quick and punctual payment, often long before companies have paid their invoices. Many large companies use very long payment terms, which can sometimes be a stumbling block.

The motivations of the freelancer

Do they want to diversify their content knowledge? Or just go deep into one specialisation? Do they want to grow in scientific research? Or rather in corporate functions? Or are they looking for the extra flexibility that comes with being self-employed?

There are many reasons to work as a freelancer. The Career Managers want to know the motivation of each freelancer. This gives direction to their search for the right assignment.

Some want a better work-life balance from a certain point on. Thanks to the freelance status, they can plan their agenda very flexibly, and for example build in a number of free moments every week.

Other freelancers combine several part-time projects and work for different companies at the same time. They appreciate the variation, quickly build a broad network and deepen their knowledge daily.

Some experts combine scientific research with a more advisory role. Thanks to the one assignment they remain well embedded in the daily reality of the research world, and that gives them greater authority for the assignment at policy level. A combination, therefore, in which the two tasks reinforce each other.

Coming home to like-minded people

During their freelance career, the Career Manager is an important discussion partner. They are frequently in touch on the status of the project, to talk about future ambitions and to discuss the next steps before the end of a project.

Science Talents also organises regular gatherings such as training sessions, meetings or parties. During these events, they get to know each other, share knowledge and opportunities, and inspire each other. A community of like-minded people with the same passion for science.

The complete service of Science Talents is designed to unburden 'its freelancers', to give them security and peace of mind. Not just at the start, but throughout their entire freelance career.

These freelancers work in pioneering research and in positions with high expectations and responsibilities on a daily basis. Science Talents is a sounding board for them. A partner who thinks along with them and who takes care of practical matters. This way, these highly educated freelancers keep the space to fully pursue their assignments and expertise.

A job at Science Talents?

Would you like to work as a freelancer for Science Talents? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

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The partner to kick-start your career in science

A permanent job or working on a project basis? Finding a fitting assignment for every scientific talent, regardless of contract type: that is what the Career Managers of Science Talents are committed to every day.

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Pieter obtained a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and worked as a pharmacist while studying for his seconds Master's degree in Business Economics. He began his journey at Science Talents as a Clinical Trial Assistant and grew towards his new role as Clinical Research Associate at AbbVie. In light of World Cancer Day, Pieter took the time to write an article about his project as a CRA.

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The future of Science Talents? Like our logo, rosy!

I am a Business Development Manager at Science Talents. This means that I liaise between our clients on the one hand and our recruiters on the other. I mainly focus on new business.

Why choose a career at Science Talents?

Working for Science Talents means choosing a varied job as a professional, getting a taste for different employers and positions, developing, and being part of a close-knit team who gives their best every day. That sounds like a great career path!

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