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The benefits of consultancy for lab technicians

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The benefits of consultancy for lab technicians

Consultancy for lab technicians, something for you? Take the test!

What would companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry be without lab technicians? The profession of laboratory technician is, however, more than a traditional laboratory job. Becoming an expert in your field as a consultant can broaden your horizon. Peggy Buys, Business Unit Manager at Science Talents, explains how the job of consultant can give your career a new boost and which advantages you can enjoy through Science Talents.

Experimenting with new expertise

When people think of a lab assistant, they usually think of a scientist in a white overcoat who tests and analyses samples in a laboratory. But the profession is much more diverse! Peggy explains: "At Science Talents, we notice that young school leavers often want a taste of lab practice. We want to give them the opportunity to gain a certain expertise in different companies. We support them through coaching and guidance. Science Talents also offers the opportunity to follow exciting training courses, so that consultants can grow even more in their profession."

Building new skills

"There is no lack of vacancies these days," confirms Peggy. "In various sectors - pharma, chemistry, food, biotech, healthcare - companies are feverishly looking for new and ambitious talent. In pharma, for instance, they are looking for people in process validation, quality assurance and control, clinical research and regulatory affairs. In food companies, there's a need for young potentials for R&D-driven jobs and quality control. Chemical companies and hospitals also have a lot of interesting vacancies.

" Within Science Talents, we want to trigger him or her to build up extra expertise in different companies and/or projects via consultancy. In this way, they continue to build their network and expand their knowledge."

The classic lab technician with a bachelor's degree often likes hands-on lab practice," Peggy also points out. " Within Science Talents, we want to trigger him or her to build up extra expertise in different companies and/or projects via consultancy. In this way, they continue to build their network and expand their knowledge.

Attractive salary package

Science Talents acts as a matchmaker between talented scientists and attractive employers in relevant industries. "Anyone who joins us as a consultant for Science Talents receives a very attractive package of employment and salary conditions," notes Peggy. "We offer permanent contracts as much as possible, which gives candidates the opportunity to work on exciting projects for the same employer. In addition to a competitive salary, we also offer a company car and a fuel card. In these times of expensive fuel prices, this wage advantage is worth gold! Science Talents also offers group insurance, hospitalisation insurance, meal vouchers and continuous support from our career managers.

Investment in training and coaching

As Business Unit Manager at Science Talents, Peggy herself is responsible for the coaching and training of young potentials. And she does so with passion. "From the first contact with the candidates - who learn the job on their projects - we offer them extra support when they apply. Experience has taught us that most of our science graduates are naturally factual and rationally trained in their academic path, where often little attention was paid to "self-branding". That is why we at Science Talents focus hard on coaching and training, in both soft and hard skills. With our Young Potential Academy, we prepare young talent for the job market. We offer them training in communication and presentation techniques, conducting feedback interviews and time management, among other things.

"In short, through proper preparation, we help ensure that young people feel comfortable and confident during the application process."

Are you joining forces with Science Talents?

Are you eager to get started in an environment where you are supported in both hard and soft skills and can gain expertise in different companies? Then Science Talents is the ideal employer for you!

A job as a Lab technician?

Would you like to work as Lab Assistant in the pharmaceutical industry? Let us hear from you and together we will see what Science Talents can do for you. 

Apply spontaneously

Science Talents: now also for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants

Never before were there so many vacancies available for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, as chains and large pharmaceutical companies consistently work with a variety of pharmacists in different positions. Screening and selecting the most suitable candidates, therefore, is an area that requires focus and expertise. But most pharmacists don't have the time to carry out an extensive search and go through the whole recruitment and selection process and are happy to leave it to Science Talents. For you, as a future pharmacist or pharmacy assistant, this opens up a lot of opportunities. Our recruiters know the market and can guide you towards a job that perfectly matches your preferences and profile. A job in your own area? A larger or smaller pharmacy company? A role with high or low customer engagement? Anything is possible.

The partner to kick-start your career in science

A permanent job or working on a project basis? Finding a fitting assignment for every scientific talent, regardless of contract type: that is what the Career Managers of Science Talents are committed to every day.

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Looking at the media and the current sentiment in the world nowadays, being dominated by news regarding COVID-19, people often tend to forget that the pharmaceutical industry handles more than just “popular” diseases. Worldwide more than 7000 rare diseases have an impact on over 300 million people. These incredible numbers show the urgent need to invest time and resources in this field of research, because everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life regardless the rarity of their disease treatment.

"By 2021, the total global amount spent on cancer research is estimated at 187 billion USD."

Pieter obtained a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and worked as a pharmacist while studying for his seconds Master's degree in Business Economics. He began his journey at Science Talents as a Clinical Trial Assistant and grew towards his new role as Clinical Research Associate at AbbVie. In light of World Cancer Day, Pieter took the time to write an article about his project as a CRA.

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Why choose a career at Science Talents?

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