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10 days of mental health

— A moment of Science please

10 days of mental health

Michael, Recruitment Consultant and Sports Psychologist by training talks more about mental health as part of the 10-days of mental health. What does it mean to be mentally fit? How can an employer bring out the full potential of its employees? And what tips does Michael have to help you monitor your own mental and physical health? Read it here.

What does mental health mean to you?  

Mental health is essential for me: "There's no health without mental health". 

It does not only affect your well-being, it also plays an important part professionally. If you are mentally fit, you have a more positive outlook on life, are more resilient to stress, have a better ability to concentrate and work better with colleagues. However, it can sometimes be a real challenge to stay mentally sharp with all the stimuli we have to deal with daily. Especially in our current society, where we live at a fast pace, it is difficult to escape from those triggers. That's why I try to set boundaries and make sure I keep a healthy balance. 

A healthy work-life balance is increasingly important for employees.

Which work-related factors influence the physical and mental health of employees? 

Several studies have shown that a supportive corporate culture can contribute to the employee's overall well-being. Being able to have a good conversation, having a relationship of trust with your manager, a strong team spirit, the feeling that you are appreciated for your work, ... are all elements that give you a boost as an employee.  

A mentally healthy workforce is a must for businesses. How can the work environment promote health and bring out employees' full potential?  

A healthy work-life balance is increasingly important for employees. They see flexibility and autonomy as a sign of confidence. In addition, they can organise their time in the best possible way so that they can do better and deliver more qualitative work. In addition, it is vital that employees are given the opportunity for continuous learning and development of their talents. 

I believe that as recruiters we also contribute to the mental health of the employee. It is our job to find a good fit between the candidate and the company, and between the ambitions of the candidate and the job content. This is how we help candidates reach their maximum potential. 

What does Science Talents do to monitor the well-being of its employees? Can we still grow in this area? 

Science Talentstrongly believes in a good work-life balance. I have the freedom to determine my own hours and to work from home several days a week. I also get a lot of say and my feedback is taken into account. It's not just about grades and results, there is also plenty of time for relaxation. We often end the week with a cava-Friday and we regularly go out to dinner with the team. 

How do you guard your mental health? 

I consciously make time to de-connectMy laptop remains closed after 6pm and I avoid screen time after work. also schedule time in my calendar for sports or relaxation. On top of that I notice that routine gives me a lot of grip on life.

Which advice would you give to stay mentally and physically healthy? 

As a (sports) psychologist by training, I believe that both go hand in hand. A healthy mind in a healthy body. It sounds cliché but healthy food, regular exercise and enough sleep will take you a long way. Don't forget to relax sufficiently and surround yourself with people who support you. 

Science Talents: now also for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants

Never before were there so many vacancies available for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, as chains and large pharmaceutical companies consistently work with a variety of pharmacists in different positions. Screening and selecting the most suitable candidates, therefore, is an area that requires focus and expertise. But most pharmacists don't have the time to carry out an extensive search and go through the whole recruitment and selection process and are happy to leave it to Science Talents. For you, as a future pharmacist or pharmacy assistant, this opens up a lot of opportunities. Our recruiters know the market and can guide you towards a job that perfectly matches your preferences and profile. A job in your own area? A larger or smaller pharmacy company? A role with high or low customer engagement? Anything is possible.

The partner to kick-start your career in science

A permanent job or working on a project basis? Finding a fitting assignment for every scientific talent, regardless of contract type: that is what the Career Managers of Science Talents are committed to every day.

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Consultancy for lab technicians, something for you? Take the test! What would companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry be without lab technicians? The profession of laboratory technician is, however, more than a traditional laboratory job. Becoming an expert in your field as a consultant can broaden your horizon. Peggy Buys, Business Unit Manager at Science Talents, explains how the job of consultant can give your career a new boost and which advantages you can enjoy through Science Talents.

Consultant Mira about the treatment of rare diseases

Looking at the media and the current sentiment in the world nowadays, being dominated by news regarding COVID-19, people often tend to forget that the pharmaceutical industry handles more than just “popular” diseases. Worldwide more than 7000 rare diseases have an impact on over 300 million people. These incredible numbers show the urgent need to invest time and resources in this field of research, because everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life regardless the rarity of their disease treatment.

"By 2021, the total global amount spent on cancer research is estimated at 187 billion USD."

Pieter obtained a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and worked as a pharmacist while studying for his seconds Master's degree in Business Economics. He began his journey at Science Talents as a Clinical Trial Assistant and grew towards his new role as Clinical Research Associate at AbbVie. In light of World Cancer Day, Pieter took the time to write an article about his project as a CRA.

Why choose a career at Science Talents?

Working for Science Talents means choosing a varied job as a professional, getting a taste for different employers and positions, developing, and being part of a close-knit team who gives their best every day. That sounds like a great career path!

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