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About us

About us

At House of Talents, we work hard and are always there for our clients. We also like to have fun. We've grown considerably over the past few years and our ambitions are far from satisfied. Read more about us and what we can do for you.





Work hard? Have fun!

Our DNA? Exceptional! With HOT, we’re proud, we work hard every day and yes, things can get a little crazy. We don’t shy away from a challenge; we save the world in our spare time and we’re busy filling vacancies every day. New employees experience their HOT welcome like a warm blanket, a cocoon where they feel at home and can develop further. Here you get opportunities and can learn and grow as long as you take initiative. Here you can be yourself as long as you believe in teamwork. You strive for results, and we fully support you in doing so.





The growth engine

Vitality and charisma in one person. As owner, Steve is on the front line, backed up by the well-known Baltisse investment group. House of Talents has grown like crazy in recent years, but in a well thought-out and calculated manner. Steve promotes a flat structure, job satisfaction, transparency and clarity, so you need not beat about the bush. You won’t find an ivory tower at House of Talents. Instead, you’ll find mini-entrepreneurs who drive the company forward.





A great place to work

Yes, we have modern and light-filled offices, but you can also work at home or from a distance. We surround ourselves with all the tools we need to succeed. Brainstorming with colleagues, playing a game of table football or enjoying a tasty lunch: that’s great. But you can also stay connected through video meetings. We’re fully committed to the new way of working.





11 divisions, a lot of expertise

House of Talents has 11 specialised divisions that support you in finding qualified employees for bottleneck professions or help you find the perfect job.


Going the extra mile, every day

Talents who put their best foot forward every day to support our clients. Top talents who work hard and have fun. They’re a pleasure to work with because talent feels at home here.

A year to cherish

The year in which House of Talents was born. Our fantastic growth story is far from over. We’re ready for the future!


Contact us

Want to know more about us? Are you looking for the right vacancy or for that special talent who will make the difference in your company? Let us know and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We’re ready to help you!

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