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HR Dinner "Wellbeing & the new way of working"

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06/10/2022 van 17:00 tot 23:58

For clients - HR leaders

Euroclear - Bruxelles

Euroclear is a financial services provider in post-trade market, connecting 2,000 financial clients worldwide and ensuring securities transactions in a safe and efficient environment. Euroclear takes care of the physical and mental health of all its employees. It advocates a balanced approach to work-life integration. They have a well-being squad that works with local Prevention and HR professionals to build a healthy, safe and resilient work environment for every employee.

Since 2010, Euroclear has been thinking about the new way of working. As part of a real estate rationalization, efforts were made to realize a general office concept for the offices in the various countries. Already at that time, it was decided to opt for an office concept that promotes flexible working. During Corona, one went further ... and considered the ideal moment for a transformation Flex-E. This global transformation includes 4 key pillars: flexibility for the employee, focus on workplace concept, digital tooling as well as focus on mindset and behavior. This results in a complete makeover of the office landscape where space is created for each employee with a focus on connecting, collaborating, focus zones, project moments and innovation hubs.

Through this event we will have the unique opportunity to visit the offices of Euroclear. In addition, Vincent Delbaere and his colleague An Van Doorselaer will take us through the vision that Euroclear has developed around Well-Being & The New Ways of Working. After a tour and aperitif in the new premises of Euroclear, we will continue our dinner in a nice restaurant nearby, where ideas and best practices will be exchanged with the participants of the evening about hybrid working, back to work policies & Well-Being.

Invitation only. 

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