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we pursue a 100% match

we pursue a 100% match

World of Talents is an international group focused on the merger and acquisition of service platforms specialising in bottleneck professions & talent management. Our group has branches in Belgium and The Netherlands and is continuously exploring future M&A's in the DACH-region.

Combining strenghts is in our DNA.

The strategy of World of Talents is based on organic growth combined with acquisitions, which has proven to be a success story. With a continuous growth, our company managed to triple our turnover between 2015 and 2018. 

We only pursue a 100% DNA match and choose companies that truly strengthen World of Talents and our national branches. Each acquisition must be the right step towards achieving our international ambitions. Our group currently employs over 3000 specialists, focused on white-collar professions, in various niche markets and operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Do you match our DNA?

World of Talents is ambitious and always looking for future M&A's. We target platforms that are focused on bottleneck professions, companies that breathe entrepreneurship and employ people with ambition to move forward. We're only looking for that 100% match. 

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