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House of Talents strengthens market leader position in HR health sector through acquisition of Human Supports Medical

— World of Talents

House of Talents strengthens market leader position in HR health sector through acquisition of Human Supports Medical

House of Talents, the Belgian branch of international HR group World of Talents, has acquired HR care specialist Human Supports Medical.

This collaboration provides numerous opportunities for both parties. Through this acquisition, House of Talents strengthens its subsidiary Care Talents in the current ‘war for nursing talents’ and achieves a larger presence in Wallonia and Brussels.  To Human Supports Medical, this is an opportunity towards further professionalization and internationalization.

Steve Rousseau, CEO of House of Talents, is proud of how this strengthens the group. ‘Success is an attitude. This acquisition is a logical step in our growth, as it is in our DNA to join forces. Human Supports Medical represents strong quality assurance and a large geographical presence in Wallonia and Brussels. This reinforces our range of services within the healthcare sector, leading to an even better service for our customers. The mission “to deploy experienced Health & Research staff to support the healthcare sector in permanent or temporary employment” is fully in line with what we have been providing with Care Talents on a daily basis since 2009.’

Axelle Meunier, founder and CEO of Human Supports Medical says, ‘I am also very excited about this union. HR management in healthcare in our country is becoming a major concern in ensuring quality services are provided to all citizens. Our similar DNA, as well as our will to find innovative and adapted solutions to best meet the requirements of healthcare personnel, will make us an indispensable player in the landscape of Belgian hospitals. Our will and duty are at the service of people and healthcare institutions. Unity creates power.

World of Talents — whose main shareholders are Baltisse and Steve Rousseau — is a specialized, international HR group with a single-minded focus on bottleneck professions. In Belgium, World of Talents operates under the House of Talents brand that includes 11 different specialities: Care Talents, Engi Talents, Executive Talents, Financial Talents, Food Talents, HR Talents, ICT Talents, Sales Talents, Science Talents, Technical Talents, and Quintessence — the market leader in assessments and people management. World of Talents operates in the Netherlands under the label ‘The Human Network, the place for specialist interim top professionals.’ With an annual turnover of over EUR 275 million, the World of Talents group employs over 3,000 specialists in various niche markets. The group operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Founded in 2013, Human Supports Medical specializes in healthcare and clinical research. Together, their team has more than 100 years of HR experience in healthcare. Many of the team members come from the healthcare sector and work in a participative management style. This means that each individual contributes to the company with a precise goal: to deliver quality work, without losing sight of the fact that there is a patient at the end of the chain. The human being is the focus.

Human Supports Medical retains its own identity to further grow its strong brand and continue to ensure quality service is provided to existing customers. Both parties are convinced that strengthening one another is the best way to make a difference in the competitive HR market.  This means seeking synergies where high quality is key for both candidate and client.

World of Talents’ strategy — organic growth combined with acquisitions — continues to catch on. World of Talents only pursues 100% DNA matches and chooses companies that truly strengthen the group. The combination of Human Supports Medical and Care Talents creates a strong team with full geographical coverage, which allows us to service our clients in an excellent way when they need medical professionals.

Finvision and Deloitte Legal provided support to the buying side in the acquisition of Human Supports Medical, and both Dealmakers and Van Cutsem Wittamer Marnef & Partners provided support to the selling side.

The Human Network’s new executive board, with Esther Scheffener as CEO


Founder and CEO Steve Rousseau on the success story of House of Talents: ‘Growing too fast is a luxury problem’

At school, Steve Rousseau was, by his own admission, a terrible student and was labelled ADHD. But the West Flemish businessman made his way through life as an entrepreneur and, in doing so, thumbed his nose at the non-believers. His HR platform House of Talents, founded in 2008, is a success story. And his recent management of the country’s largest basketball club puts a non-entrepreneurial exclamation mark on that success.

House of Talents strengthens market position through acquisition of Special Force Services

The company Special Force Services (SFS) was recently acquired by the international HR group House of Talents to strengthen its subsidiary Technical Talents.

House of Talents acquires Quintessence, market leader in assessment and people management

The Belgian company Quintessence was acquired by the specialized, international HR group House of Talents.

World of Talents acquires Northern neighbour The Human Network

World of Talents has acquired the Dutch company The Human Network. This is a momentous event for both parties. For World of Talents it is a logical step in their more internationally oriented growth ambition. It will bring in a lot of extra expertise. This is also a positive development for The Human Network because the company wants to be part of an international professional network. They also expect to learn a lot in the new merger.

Investing in talent will be more important than ever to move beyond the pandemic

The Belgian entity of World of Talents, House of Talents, has been a service group specialising in bottleneck professions for over 10 years. The group has 10 Talents, each of which specialises in a certain sector of the labour market. What does the future look like in terms of recruitment? Investing in talent will be more important than ever to move beyond the pandemic.

Baltisse acquires majority stake in specialist HR services group World of Talents

Fast-growing HR services group World of Talents, which specialises in bottleneck professions, has taken the next step in their growth process by bringing Belgian investment company Baltisse on board as majority stakeholder. After a period of strong organic growth and four acquisitions, Sofindev is selling its stake in the group. Steve Rousseau (CEO) and the management team will remain major stakeholders of the group.

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