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Why Technical Talents?

Why Technical Talents?

Our talent makes all the difference

And with twenty years of expertise in outsourcing technical staff, we’re an old hand at the job. Our permanent team of more than 180 technical specialists offers support to a range of companies in the field of curative and preventive maintenance and projects. 

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You choose Technical Talents because

If you’re looking for a solid partner for a long-term project and need immediate support, our experience and talented members are here to help you. We offer solutions that are tailored to your situation.

We have a large pool of talented technical professionals

Despite shortages on the labour market, we have access to the most diverse profiles, all of which have been carefully screened, are experienced, and are ready to work on the job.

We provide the right man or woman in the right place

At Technical Talents, we thoroughly select our members and screen for more than technical skills. Go-getters and hard workers, our employees are here to find a solution for you. How to do it better, faster, and more efficiently ... Our in-house technical team leaders strive for quality and provide intensive support on the shop floor.

Our members are available and prepared for the job

We only work with experienced professionals who excel in their field. All of them are available at short notice and can learn the ropes in no time.


Our solutions are all cost-effective. You benefit from both quality and flexibility.

Our solutions are for the long term

At Technical Talents, we focus on close relationships, long-term projects, and collaborations that feel so natural they sometimes last for years.

Support throughout Flanders and Brussels

Verschillende sites? Geen probleem, wij ondersteunen je in gans Vlaanderen en Brussel. Vanop kantoor en/of op locatie.



At Technical Talents, we have access to a large talent pool that includes maintenance technicians, repair technicians, service technicians, team leaders, work planners, and much more. Let us know if you have a specific profile in mind – we’d be happy to look at the options together.

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