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Translational Research Scientist

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Ellen Claes

Ellen Claes

Job description

Translational research implementation in the trials:

  • The Translational Research Scientist serves as the HQ coordinator of the TR development in projects. Participates in the development of the TR part of protocol outlines interacting with the clinical research physician, the statistician, early protocol optimization department, pathobiology group, the TR investigators, and the clinical investigators. Critical review of the outlines is expected.
  • Facilitates the interpretation, communication, and integration of TR committee comments into study protocols. Reviews the TR and pathology protocol chapters.
  • Participates in the technical development of projects involving TR. This includes database set-up, forms design, project management, and interface with the HQ units and investigators (e.g. for pathology review protocol chapters, working with the pathologists to determine correct pathology review process).
  • Provides advice to project managers on how to set up biobanking and TR procedures in the protocol (tissue processing, sending, collection, storing).
  • Works on developing and maintaining a TR project database to enable tracking of the TR portfolio of the company, in conjunction with other units at the HQ.
  • Provides advice to data managers on the design of sample collection forms (sample CRFs).

Database & Documentation

  • Coordinates the development of the tissue bank database and data management system for TR within the scope of the clinical trials (e.g. samples tool, sample CRF template).
  • Assists in developing policies, work instructions and procedures for managing TR samples and data within the scope of the company and associated documentation.

Training & Reporting

  • When applicable, assists in training HQ staff in relation to TR activities.
  • When applicable, is involved in reporting of the results (e.g. in the forms of abstracts and publications)



  • PhD in molecular biology or biomedical science
  • Min. 2 years’ prior experience including demonstrable experience with human samples and materials
  • Expertise in the oncology field
  • Relevant experience in drug development and/or biomarker driven trials is an asset
  • Relevant experience in clinical studies is a plus
  • Able to work independently and manage competing priorities
  • Able to manage projects with a broad range of stakeholders
  • Team player
  • Excellent spoken and written English

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