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Sophie Steels
Career Manager

Sophie Steels
Career Manager
+32 496 49 18 21

Job description

Perform and support trials within the framework of global strategic and exploratory product and process development projects, in order to produce high-quality prototypes for internal and external evaluations and small-scale market trials.

  • Understand objectives of assigned trial requests, product specifications and process procedures.
  • Active involvement in the transition of an RPB request into a successful product by analyzing the request, reviewing the feasibility and making recommendations on the test set-up. 
  • Prepare and execute operational trials including e.g. blending, filtration, saturation, CIP or filling operations, according the established ABI procedures. Note: this involves manual work like lifting kegs, handling flexible hoses and movable equipment/pumps, etc.
  • Create process datasheets and perform calculations in order to meet the final product requirements; whilst ensuring full product traceability.
  • Perform the corresponding analyses to assess the various quality parameters and monitor/report all data and observations made during the trials.
  • Apply good industrial practices & brewery standards to ensure the right quality in execution and reporting, and to guarantee reliability of results.
  • Attend kick-off meetings with project leaders to understand all project details and raise concerns and relevant items before starting the trials.
  • Identify and address potential risks that may affect reaching the project objectives, timelines and specifications.
  • Verify that the raw materials and packaging materials for trials are available in the right quantities and with the required traceability/safety information.
  • Suggest improvements to optimize e.g. safety, quality, efficiency aspects in the RPB and support implementing these where possible. 
  • Ensure that the used equipment is functional and safe in use. Timely flag any equipment defects or malfunctioning.
  • Ensure equipment and process standard operating procedures (SOPs) are generated/updated when needed.
  • Assist in equipment testing, validation and troubleshooting when needed.
  • Assist in creating test and validation plans.
  • Help guarding and improving the safety, quality, cleanliness and order in the RPB.
  • Play a supportive role in the management programs of ABI to secure a good way of working in the RPB.
  • Contact 3rd parties, like e.g. suppliers, for equipment maintenance, material info or part deliveries.


  • Professional bachelor degree in relevant applied science or engineering.
  • Previous professional experience in a brewery or in packaging operations is desirable.
  • Result-oriented with respect for safety, quality and timing; attention to detail.
  • Problem-solving and continuous learning mindset. 
  • Pro-active attitude, putting forward proposals to further optimize processes/ways of working.
  • Capability to independently organize, execute and report trials.
  • Practical and technical skill set to operate equipment independently and to assess equipment functionality.
  • Ability to interpret/analyze test results and provide clear feedback to the requestors.
  • Ability to write structured procedures in a standardized format for various operations.
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills and flexibility to adapt to a fast-changing environment.

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+32 496 49 18 21