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SQA Engineer

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Peggy Buys
Recruitment Consultant in Kortrijk

Peggy Buys
Recruitment Consultant in Kortrijk

Job description

• You built professional relationships with suppliers to gather information about quality and technical support. Additionally, you keep track of corrective and preventive actions related to deviations found in audits/screenings

• You carry out the screening/supplier evaluation of the materials and/or packaging components and also monitor these

• You help coordinate the status meetings about the production group allocated to you

• You carefully follow up on the evaluation of complaints and/or deviations reported by visiting inspection teams, laboratories and production

• You draw up and carefully follow the quality planning for the SQA group. You are responsible for the composition of the Quality Agreements and drawings as well as keeping both up to date

• You keep track of the suppliers and evaluate their quality status

• You ensure that the suppliers take the right actions to keep the processes under control so as to be able to guarantee a proper and constant quality of the goods delivered

• You coordinate periodical status meetings about the projects you are responsible for or the quality status of the suppliers you keep track of

• You actively contribute to the ISO 14001 quality system

• You coordinate the execution of the API audit plan


• Ideally, you hold an MA degree in the applied or life sciences (f.e. Pharmaceutical Sciences or Bio-Engineering)

• You are well-organized, articulate and able to express yourself well in English as well as Dutch

• You are a team player and your positive energy and dynamic spirit are infectious to your colleagues

• You can see the bigger picture with regard to the tasks you are assigned and like to take the initiative. You are happy to carry out tasks which involve controling and coordinating activities

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