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Global Yeast & Fermentation Laboratory technician

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Sophie Steels
Career Manager

Sophie Steels
Career Manager
+32 496 49 18 21

Job description

  • Perform laboratory fermentation trials, microbiological and biochemical tests, including specific physico-chemical in-process analyses within the fields of yeast and fermentation (Y&F). 
  • Assist in the development/optimization/validation trials of new laboratory methodologies and capabilities for the exploration and screening of yeasts/ brewing micro-organisms.  
  • Accountabilities
  • Accurately perform lab scale fermentation experiments & trials following the established DOE (Design Of Experiment) and according to good laboratory practices and internal procedures.
  • Accurately perform specific microbiological/ molecular biological / biochemical tests according to the established laboratory procedures and protocols.
  • Accurately perform specific physico-chemical analyses on in-process or final lab trial liquids. 
  • Actively participate in the development and optimization of lab methodologies/capabilities, executing DOE’s of basic complexity.  
  • Apply aseptic techniques to ensure quality in the culturing / propagation of yeasts / micro-organisms for lab scale experiments and/or pilot trials.
  • Prepare and plan analyses and experiments within the scheduled time frame. 
  • Apply good laboratory practices & standards to ensure accuracy and quality in trial/experiment execution & to guarantee reliability of results. 
  • Record laboratory trial data/ results and write trial reports following the Yeast and Fermentation Lab Report system.
  • Ensure that lab equipment is functional / calibrated through verification, troubleshooting as needed.


  • Professional Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant applied science or laboratory discipline (Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and/or Biochemistry).
  • Previous professional experience in a development or research lab, in the area of analytical science in food chemistry, biotechnology and/or brewing science.
  • Experience and/or familiarity with conventional microbiological techniques, aseptic good laboratory practices and fermentation technology are essential.
  • Fluency in English (written / spoken), other language skills constitute an additional asset
  • PC literate: advanced knowledge of standard software programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Effective oral & written communication skills.
  • Proficient in hands-on lab microbiology and aseptic working.
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills and flexibility to adapt to a fast-changing environment.
  • Result-oriented with respect for quality and timing and attention to detail.
  • Capable to independently plan, organize and execute lab trials and experiments.
  • Ability to execute lab analyses with a high level of accuracy and critical assessment of performance.
  • Driver’s license B

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+32 496 49 18 21