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My job in 60 seconds: Jeremy

My job in 60 seconds: Glynnis

Meet consultant Glynnis, Project Engineer Launch Excellence. Find out what her biggest challenge is in her job, what the best compliment was she has ever received and why she chooses hydrogen as element from the periodic table of elements!

My job in 60 seconds: Arno

Meet QC Analyst, Arno! In his episode he explains what his role as QC analyst exactly means, what his biggest challenges are and why he chooses Nickel if he would be an element of the Periodic Table of Elements! Watch his full episode here!

My job in 60 seconds: Nina

Nina is a Project Engineer Co-Development. If Nina would be an element of The Periodic Table of Elements, she would choose Carbon. Curious to know why? Find out here in her full episode.

My job in 60 seconds: Joren

Meet Joren, Project Engineer Product Support. Find out why Joren wakes up very early on Saturdays and what his future ambitions are... Watch his full episode here.

My job in 60 seconds: Jonas

Meet Jonas, Quality Assurance Analyst for an international pharmaceutical company. Being proud of what you accomplish each day, is one of his biggest challenges.

My job in 60 seconds: Karen

Karen works for an international pharmaceutical company as a Project Engineer, achieves high scores on sing star, is too afraid to bungeejump but most certainly open to other challenges. Find out which challenges in Karen's episode!

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