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Azure Cloud Engineer

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Eline Schoenmaeckers
Junior Recruiter in Antwerpen

Eline Schoenmaeckers
Junior Recruiter in Antwerpen
+32 491 62 74 93

Job description

Senior Azure consultant with thorough knowledge of Azure with 5 years relevant experience in the infrastructure services department.

As a part of our team, you are responsible for the architectural decisions, engineering, integration and maintenance of the cloud platform. Currently we actively manage AWS & Azure cloud environments and keep an eye on other cloud platforms.

The focus is on technology/infrastructure services, not the usage and development methodologies that use the cloud platform. The latter is handled by our DevOps teams with whom you will be working closely.

You assist in feasibility studies to take on new technological services or improvements and help design the services with focus on security, maintainability, flexibility and efficiency. You work together with architects and analysts to come to a proper final design, product owners and scrum masters to govern the exercise and its allocated resources, and software engineering to ensure effective positioning and service offerings.


You maintain operational stability and efficiency in a production setting. The regular working hours are flexible. Location-wise, the team is mainly situated in Mechelen.

The team you take part in delivers engineering and maintenance towards multiple business units and departments. As such, you will have to deal with multiple customer bases, each having their own set of requirements and time constraints. This also implies that processes such as incident, release management, disaster recovery, … and the scope of work can be volatile as this is a young platform in a highly evolving ecosystem.


Needed Qualifications:

You are

  • flexible, social, creative, … a true team player
  • able to formulate a (technical and architectural) vision and share this in a constructive way with your peers and stakeholders
  • known to deliver quality (performant, secure, maintainable, documented, …)
  • “detail-oriented” · able to work independent, self-starter and explore
  • able to stay positive
  • able to follow the public cloud landscape and market

Knowledge of, or engineering experience with some of the following technologies and principles:

  • Public cloud design principles
  • Azure basic infrastructure: portal, CLI, IAM
  • Terraform
  • ARM Templates
  • Windows Powershell
  • Azure Automation runbooks
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Jq · Infrastructure-as-code
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines
  • ALM suite: Git/bitbucket, Jira, Confluence,
  • F5, Api gateway, …
  • Yaml/JSON formats
  • Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises (SAFe)
  • Centralized authentication (IAM, Active Directory/LDAP, Azure Active Directory, OAUTH, …)
  • Databases (SQL DB, Cosmo DB,…)
  • Azure Monitor and Log Analytics Workspace
  • Azure Security Center
  • Storage solutions (Storage Account, Datalake, …)
  • Network solutions (Azure Application Gateway, WAF, Azure Firewall)

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