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Total Rewards Expert

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Sigrun Debaillie
International HR Matchmaker

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Sigrun Debaillie
International HR Matchmaker

Sigrun Debaillie
International HR Matchmaker
+33 6 58 24 18 81


Job description

As member of the Human Resources Leadership Team, you participate in the development of a global HR strategy and follow-up on its execution, propose initiatives and support initiatives of colleagues to make HR  a highly valued function.

The Group Rewards function exists to make sure that our client is delivering reward packages which allow to attract and retain the talent it needs. The function should also ensure that rewards are adequatly linked to individual and company performance, and that employees are treated equitably.

The HRIS function provides the IT tools to support effective and efficient HR processes.

The purpose of the HRBP Group Functions is to help management of the Group Functions build the strongest possible organization by deploying the talent tools.

The VP Rewards function spans across the entire organization (10.000 co-workers: 7000 blue collars and 3000 white collars).

The HRBP Group Functions covers employees in Group Finance, Legal and IT, Group Procurement, Group R&D, Quality, Sustainability and Product Portfolio Management, Group HR and Group Strategy & Digital. This represents approximately 700 employees, spread across all locations



Develop, deploy, communicate and evolve the Group’s reward strategy, including:

·       Setting the desired market positioning of the total rewards offering, and monitor the competitiveness of the total rewards offering 

·       Designing and maintaining a coherent job classification framework

·       Setting the pay mix between fixed and variable pay

·       Design variable pay schemes for white collars and blue collars

·       Design and deploy equity-based pay schemes

·       Design policies for international mobility and transfers, and support the business in the day-to-day management of international moves

·       Develop and maintain a framework for managing employee benefits plans and costs, in support of local HR operations

·       Prepare meetings and meeting materials for the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of the Board.



Provide an effective and coherent suite of tools to support key HR processes globally, including:

·       Design, implementation, adaptation and monitoring of a long-term HRIS roadmap

·       Collecting business requirements, and translating them into functional system requirements

·       Partner with and guide external consultants in the design, maintenance and trouble shooting of HRIS tools

·       Organize and provide support to end-users and HR Managers globally

·       Monitor and improved the quality of people data



HR BP Group Functions

Partner with management to help build the strongest possible organization, including:

·       Organization Structure effectiveness: Ensure that the organisational structure is always aligned with business needs and fit to support execution of the business plans. Ensure continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of organisation structure, identifying issues and proposing changes in structure design and re-configuration of roles and accountabilities, additions or redundancies, job rotations

·       People Planning: lead the development of the human resources plan that best supports execution of the business plans, ensuring the availability in the short and medium term of resources with the right skill mix to achieve business goals. Assist the leadership team in the assessment of potential and capabilities of their direct reports; identification of talent for succession plans; design of effective short and medium term development programs for all resources; identification of actions to address low performance issues

·       HC Core Processes Execution: Ensure flawless execution of HR core processes, such as Performance Management Process and Merit Review, Career Development Planning, Employee Development Planning and Development Programs, Recruitment Processes

·       Organization Development: Support the development of core organisation capabilities through effective staffing and continuous improvement of people skills and competencies. Lead the recruitment process, supporting line managers in the appropriate staffing of their departments

·       Cultural and change initiatives execution: Ensure implementation of corporate culture and change management program (e.g. Diversity and Inclusion, Continuous improvement Culture, Organisation Health Survey, Values, Work-life programs). Act as the main facilitator of change initiatives, ensuring effective translation in the local culture.


10 to 15 years proven experience in C&B in an international and policy making function.

Proven track record in managing an integrated suite of HRIS tools and instruments

Solid experience in partnering with the business to execute the organization’s talent agenda

Both broad and deep expertise in rewards.

good knowledge of the HRIS landscape.

Solid expertise in all people processes, throughout the entire employee life cycle

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