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Webinar: How to unleash the power of Mentoring in your organization to attract, develop and retain your talents

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02/12/2022 van 12:00 tot 13:30

HR Professionals & Leaders

Webinar - Zoom

Studies have shown that potential talents look beyond the job description on your website, a pay check at the end of the month and possible trainings to join your organization. 

They look for opportunities beyond what we offered till now to grow and develop within an organization. What is then possible to offer?

Why Mentoring can help you to change the game for your employees. It is about:

  • Expanding the network intentionaly and internationaly
  • Multiplying learning opportunities
  • Improving Mental Health

Mentoring is for everyone not for a few, because today you can leverage the power of platform and AI to give the gift of Mentoring to all your employees. 

Joke Van Acker & Audrey Braconi will share with you how to make mentoring accessible, Inclusive and for everyone. Everyone deserves the best mentors.

Who is Joke Van Acker?:

  • 25 years of experience in Talents development, organization setup, and Mentoring.
  • Sr HR Executive in a large multi national corporation headquartered in Switzerland.
  • Executive Vice President and Head of Mentoring Programs at Professional Network
  • Executive Coach, Mentor and Volunteer

Learn more about Audrey Braconi:

  • More than 22 years of experience in IT.
  • Sr LEADER Executive in a large PHARMA corporation headquarted in UNITED STATES
  • President of Professional Network, since 2017
  • Executive Coach, Mentor and Volunteer
+32 9 334 81 61