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House of Talents takes over The Human Network

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House of Talents takes over The Human Network

The Dutch company The Human Network has been acquired by the Belgian organization House of Talents, a memorable moment for both parties. For House of Talents, it is a logical step in their more internationally oriented ambition for growth as they are taking in a lot of extra expertise. For The Human Network, this acquisition is great progress, as the company wants to be part of an international professional network. They too expect to expand their knowledge in this new combination.

Steve Rousseau, CEO of House of Talents, is proud of the group's international expansion. "Success is an attitude. It is in our DNA to join forces and that is why we are engaging with The Human Network. This will ensure further expansion and professionalization of the existing activities in our group, allowing us to offer our clients an even better service."

Martijn Kamermans, CEO of The Human Network: "We have been searching for a long time for a party that understands our informal, entrepreneurial and professional culture. I am happy and proud that we have found this in House of Talents. We respect each other's strengths and try to learn from each other. This will make us even stronger and I am looking forward to that."

Daniel Legro of Synergia Capital Partners, the selling investment company: "The Human Network has experienced a great evolution in recent years. With new owner House of Talents on board, we are confident that this trend will be continued successfully. We thank the management team, the business managers and all other employees of the group for a very pleasant cooperation and wish them all the best for the future".


House of Talents was founded in 2008 by Steve Rousseau and now groups 10 different companies: Sales Talents, Care Talents, Financial Talents, HR Talents, Executive Talents, ICT Talents, Food Talents, Science Talents, Technical Talents and Engi Talents. The group employs about 2000 specialists in various niche markets and operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

The Human Network was founded in 1995 and has a structure similar to that of House of Talents. With 20 companies, the organization is employing over 500 highly skilled interim professionals in various specialisms. The 20 specialised brands are Andarr Technology, B-Able, DataDolphins, Digital Marketing Partner, EportaConsult, Giraffe HR, J-Next, PlusTalent, PMO Partner, ProcesConsult, QoppoConsult, Open Cloud Partner, RO Partner, Sociaal Domein Partner, TriamFloat, UX Partner, VerzuimTalent, Whitehorses, XapConsult and Yellotec.

The Human Network is a prominent and fast-growing HR company where high quality is key. Every day we strive for the best results to maintain customer loyalty. For the professionals of The Human Network we use the midlance model: the unique and entrepreneurial reward system.

The House of Talents strategy of organic growth combined with acquisitions continues to be a success. This year we looked into many takeover files, domestic and international. However, we only settle for a 100% DNA match and choose companies that truly strengthen House of Talents. With the acquisition of The Human Network, we are convinced that we fully cover the most important bottleneck professions and that we are taking the right step towards achieving our international ambitions. With this acquisition and our strong organic growth, we will achieve an estimated turnover of € 180 million by the end of 2021.

The sale of The Human Network to House of Talents was supported by Corporate Finance International.

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